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Linda Juang encourages a strong cultural identity

Linda Juang encourages a strong cultural identity | San Francisco Examiner: "What were the results of the study? We found that, in general, ethnic minorities — including Latinos, Asian-Americans and mixed ethnic groups — tend to show strong ethnic identity, more than that of European or white American groups. We also found for white students, if their parents did engage in cultural socialization, they tended to explore their cultural background even in higher levels than in minority families."


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Social Skills: Social Media Is Like High School

Following the initial release of the first how-to eBook in Tractor Beam Marketing's 'Social Skills' series; the Kindle Edition of the first title called 'Social Skills: Facebook Basics for Business' is now available on It is currently in the top 100 paid eBooks in the Marketing & Sales>Advertising category.

Social Skills: Social Media Is Like High School

Meryem Akbal stated that one of the main aims of the channel is to support the “positive socialization” of children.

As the immense importance of cartoons in the education of children and on their perception of daily life and culture cannot be denied, an increase in the number of animated programs that reflect Turkish culture and society will ensure the preservation of local culture and hand it down to future generations, which is also promising for the improvement of Turkish cartoon productions, top children’s TV managers agree.

Cartoons teaching children Turkish culture, TV officials say