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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2009

Meryem Akbal stated that one of the main aims of the channel is to support the “positive socialization” of children.

As the immense importance of cartoons in the education of children and on their perception of daily life and culture cannot be denied, an increase in the number of animated programs that reflect Turkish culture and society will ensure the preservation of local culture and hand it down to future generations, which is also promising for the improvement of Turkish cartoon productions, top children’s TV managers agree.

Cartoons teaching children Turkish culture, TV officials say

Positive outcomes of bilingual education

"It has been revealed how strongly bilingual learners use language as a tool for communication at local and global level, cognitive organizers and strong socialization agents. Bilingual education is always more demanding in knowledge economy than monolingual education."
Positive outcomes of bilingual education- Daily News-

No grading system nurtures a child | The Stump

"Anyone, regardless of whether they have kids or not, knows that kindergarten is all about socialization and conformity. But it's one thing to understand it intellectually, and a whole different thing to actually witness it happening to your own child."
No grading system nurtures a child | The Stump -

Study: Home-Schooled Children Excel as Adults |

Study: Home-Schooled Children Excel as Adults |
“In terms of income, education, entrepreneurial endeavors, involvement in their community, and all the other characteristics measured, home-educated adults not only excel, but also make meaningful contributions to their communities,” commented CCHE president Paul Faris. “They are the type of neighbors we all want.”